Food Quality Testing is the primary thing you have to complete on the off chance that you wish to have total sanitation for your food items. What's more, guaranteeing Food Safety will assist you in improving different variables of your food business all over India.

When in doubt at all driving Food Businesses, elevated requirements of Food Safety are kept up for their food items. Our Food Testing Lab in TamilNadu and Karnataka guarantee exact outcomes and examination, to help make your food item more beneficial.

METTEX Laboratories is one of India's driving NABL authorize research facilities, giving a scope of Testing Services autonomously. Ability, precision, and raised help have administered the center of our whole food investigation offering for more than 35 years.

Food Quality Testing from a NABL Accredited Lab comprehends the presence and levels of defilement, similar to synthetic substances and microorganisms in the food item, guaranteeing security, and quality. Food defilement has expanded, prompting wellbeing hazards, harm to Food brands, and to the nature of the Indian Food Industry, which is the reason, Food Quality Testing by NABL Lab is an absolute necessity.

We also give preparing on food quality and wellbeing examination, hands-on working on theactivity of hi-tech apparatuses. The research facilities are reinforced with all around prepared logical and specialized workforce to offer precise, solid, and discernible systematic outcomes to clients.

    Helping you assemble a reliable brand
  • Quality - Accredited testing administrations well consistent with worldwide norms
  • Timely - Providing convenient outcomes to a great many customers consistently
  • Cost-Effective - Saving you cash by cutting overheads, not compromising!

METTEXLAB is one of the biggestFood Testing Labs in India, accredited by NABL and authorized by FSSAI for synthetic and naturaltesting of food, beverages, and agricultural items.Having over 35 years of experience as a food testing lab, we offer a solitary point arrangement to all the food testing lab requirementsof the industry for both national and globalmarketplaces.

A sanitation association with a distinction. Overseen by youthful experts every one of who have great wet lab experience. Mettexlab is a one-point answer for all sanitation requirements. Lab administrations, Hygiene observing groups, FSSAI consistency scorecards, and different degrees of Food Safety Training all under one rooftop.

METTEXLAB is having a closebondwith GuesthouseConfederations, Cafeteriaassociations, cooking and bakery shopsociety, linkwith food wholesale and retail dealers. Exceptionally trusted by customers for its trustworthiness and unwavering quality. METTEXLAB Testing lab in Chennai is a NABL authorize food testing Laboratory. Our NABL Accredited labs are situated across India at Madurai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Hyderabad.

NABL Accredited Labs in India is the main advance towards guaranteeing total Food Safety. For a Food Business in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and all over India, keeping up sanitation will assist you with improving different variables of your food business, as well. Exclusive expectations of testing are kept up at our Food testing labs to guarantee precise outcomes and investigation. Do Testing and Analysis to make your food item more advantageous.

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