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Process of exercising a product/sample and analyzing its resulting response to check whether the product functions correctly or the sample overcome the process criteria is known as testing. Chennai Mettex Lab provides various versatile testing services.

We perform tests on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, nickel & zinc base alloys, bitumen and its products, rubber materials, plastics, paint, grease, oil, water, waste water, effluent, air, noise pollution samples. Furthermore, we also provide identification of polymer in rubber & plastic materials, characterization of ph

In Environmental studies Chennai Mettex Lab (P) Ltd offer services to all types of industries for :
  • Ambient Air Quality Survey
  • In-plant Air Quality Survey
  • Stack Emission from Stationary Sources
  • Noise level measurement
  • Chemical analysis of water, wastewater, effluent, sewage, swimming pool water, cooling tower water, boiler feed water, food processed water, reagent grade water, construction water, Potable water (Domestic water – IS 10500, Packaged Drinking water – IS 14543, Natural Mineral water IS 13428), Soil, Solid waste and Sludge & Sediments.

Chennai Mettex Lab (P) Ltd is having highly sophisticated Microbiology Department, provides complete testing of all types of water, raw and processed foods.

Microbiology Department is well equipped with all facilities with good expertise and experienced Microbiologists.

Chennai Mettex Lab (P) Ltd is having highly qualified professionals exhibiting expertise in respective areas.

Our Strength:

At Chennai Mettex Lab, we offer our customers complete service analytical capabilities.

At Chennai Mettex Lab, we have been accredited by NABL Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India ISO 17025: 2005. This certification ensures that our lab meets the highest standard of quality, and can deliver accurate and reliable results every time. Chennai Mettex Lab’s testing equipments such as Universal Testing Machines and Impact Testing machines have achieved a wide range of accreditations from leading organizations and professional bodies listed below :

  • Lloyds Register
  • Bureau Veritas and PDIL
Man Power :

Our team comprises Dedicated, Highly Professional and experienced personal like Doctorates, Post Graduates, Engineers, diploma holders and others.

System :

All the activities are effectively controlled and monitored by soft ware right from registration of samples upto the test certification to provide good quality and timely services to our esteemed customer like you.

We request you for an opportunity to us to provide our best possible services to you

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